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Vanda Correia

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About Vanda

Vanda Correia was born in May 1957, in Portugal. Always very interested in different types of art, curious, sensitive and endowed with great creativity for activities that combine imagination and creation with manual arts, she has always sought to express sensations and feelings through production of works, including wonderful props and garments in knit, crochet, patchwork, among others. 

However, in recent years it is painting that she has dedicated herself to and on canvas she has sought to express feelings and emotions in infinite shades of the spectrum of colors expanded by her brushes. 

Inspired by nature, the sea, late afternoons and the beauty of moments of the day, their shapes, colors and connections that unite the human being with the universe, she seeks to convey sensitivity, lightness and poetry to the artistic works that she imagines and creates. It is the moments that prove to be inspiring that allow the viewer to appreciate in her paintings, the subtlety, aesthetic sensitivity and the love that, for some time now, she has dedicated to this new passion: painting.


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