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What is Arteom Gallery and what does it mean?

Arteom Gallery is virtual and innovative reality which represents the new way of promoting all the artists and exposing their artworks on a global scale, by using cutting-edge 3D technology, ensuring international art exhibitions, art magazines, art catalogues, art contests, professional reviews and much more on the most influential social media channels and platforms.

Arteom means: ART. Exhibitions. Online. Masterpieces


Is it a legitimate gallery? Where is Arteom Gallery located?

Yes absolutely, Arteom Gallery is a company with VAT number founded and owned by Alessia Perone and registered/located in Poland (Kraków).


Is it only virtual or also physical?

At the moment, Arteom Gallery is only virtual/online, so all the events are virtual.

Despite we really appreciate the physical events, at the same time it is important to understand that nowadays and with technological advancement, these kind of events give to all the artists the opportunity to participate and show their works on a global scale, avoiding very high shipping costs or damage to the work itself during transport.


How does a 3D Art Exhibition work and how will my artworks be shown?

You can find all the examples on our Instagram account (Reel section), on our website (Art Exhibitions page) and on our page on the ArSteps website (Click here - you can move freely with the mouse and click on a work to read the details; it is better if you can use the computer).

We only need images of the artworks in high resolution (min. 1920 x 1080 pixels - this quality can be achieved by any smartphones): these pictures will be included inside a 3D space and hung on the walls of the virtual environment.

Check it out our upcoming events: Open Calls page


How does the exposure in Times Square work?

You can find all the examples on our Instagram account (Reel section) or on our website (Art Exhibitions page).

Whatever the event is an exhibition, magazine, catalogue, art contest or solo exhibition, we create a video with all the artworks and it will be displayed in one of the main screens in Times Square (NY).

The video will be shown once during the first day of an exhibition/ art contest/ a solo exhibition or the publication day of a magazine or catalogue. We send the video recorded to all the participants and it can be shared on social media, together with other official promotional material with the Arteom Gallery logo.

This is the screen where the works are displayed: 

Another point of view: 


Does Arteom Gallery require a commission on the sale?

No, we don’t require any commission on the sale. For this reason, the artist can freely manage the sale with the buyer.

If we receive a request of sale, we contact directly the artist and we give to him/her the details of the buyer.

Considering this process, the artist is free to notify us if the artwork has been sold: someone is happy to let us know about the sale, so we post the news on our Instagram profile.


Is there a fee to participate?

Yes, there is a fee to participate in each event. We require it to cover the several and unique services we offer to all the artists (for example Times Square showcase, catalogue of the exhibition, artist's personal page on our website and much more).

Moreover, it is important to understand that we also offer our artistic experience: for instance, our Founder and Art Director Alessia Perone has several years of experience in the art field, as well as a master's degree and a bachelor's degree (in History and Criticism of Art and Cultural Heritage).

Furthermore, we can say that our fees are more sustainable to afford compared to those of other galleries, which require both higher fees and commission on the sale.

For more details about the fees, please go to Open Calls page, click on an image and then on "Apply Now".

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