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Why choose our Worldwide Virtual Art Exhibitions in 3D for your artistic journey?

  • Global Exposure: all the artworks will be showcased all over the world giving to the artists the opportunity to make an impact on a global scale.

  • TIMES SQUARE in New York: all the artworks will be displayed in one of the main screens in the most important hub in the world!

  • Interactive Exhibitions: our cutting-edge 3D virtual gallery technology ensures that visitors can explore your creations in an immersive and interactive environment, enhancing the engagement and appreciation of your art!

  • Curatorial Services: we offer a comprehensive and professional experience to artists looking to present their works within a stimulating and well-crafted artistic context. We provide a range of dedicated services aimed at maximizing the impact of the artworks and ensuring a significant presence within our virtual art gallery.​ We follow the artist in each step, starting from the registration till the end of the exhibition (selection of the artworks, establish the right price - striking a balance between artistic value and the market, and much more)

  • Catalogue of the exhibition: we will create a great art book with all the artworks exhibited, available online and in PDF, well structured with the photo of the artist, the biography and the artworks exhibited, with the aim to emphasize the viewers' experience.

  • Certificate of Participation: we recognize the value of the artist's contribution and dedication to art, for this reason every participating artist will receive an official Certificate, attesting the presence and role within the exhibitions curated by us.

  • Personalized Artist Profile: you will have a dedicated page where you can share your story, inspiration, and art. This profile acts as a digital portfolio that's accessible to collectors, enthusiasts, and fellow artists.

  • Promotion and Support: we actively promote featured artists through our social media channels, newsletters, and art networks, ensuring that your work gains the recognition it deserves.

  • Sales and Opportunities: we facilitate art sales and connections with potential buyers, without any commission on the sale!

  • Avoid high shipping costs/ customs fee/ insurance of the works: despite the fact that we appreciate physical exhibitions, we also understand that these costs can become expensive. Furthermore, unfortunately the loss or damage of the works must also be considered.​​

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