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Susanne Walser

Susanne Walser

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About Susanne

Susanne Walser was born in 1962 and she has lived in the northernmost municipality of Vorarlberg, Hohenweiler (Austria), for 30 years.

Even as a child, she loved everything that had to do with drawing, painting and creative work. This led her to develop a passion for painting.

Alongside her family and job, she took art courses and experimented with different painting techniques and materials.

Her artworks are a mixture of abstract portraits, figurative and surreal elements. It is discoveries, fixed thoughts and emotions that inspire her and lead her to her forms of expression. Susanne likes to work with strong, vibrant acrylic colors, textured surfaces and resin. They help her to find a balance between contrasts and harmony in her works.

In the recent past, she was honored to receive two international awards, such as the "Michelangelo Prize" in Rome and the "Career Art Award" in San Remo.

Her works can be found in various online galleries and via Instagram. Art connects when it touches the imagination of every viewer in a positive way. Susanne is happy to offer the pictures at moderate prices and look forward to hearing from you.


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