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Susan Bagrationoff
Susan Bagrationoff

Susan Bagrationoff

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About Susan

Susan Bagrationoff is a professional surrealist whose body of work focuses on mythology and mysterious creatures. Faeries and folklore are the subjects of her creations using the beauty of nature for realistic reference. She works with multiple layers of acrylic paint in brilliant hues, using metallic mediums to give a magical ‘vibe’ from her creations. 

Susan graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2002 from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. In 2013, Susan started her own art education studio, Artsy Fartsy Art Lessons, which relocated to Kent, WA in 2016. Susan is a member of ARTrails, which is an annual art show that takes place in Centralia, Washington in late September. Recently, Susan has displayed works in exhibitions at Gallery B612 and The Fishbowl in Seattle. She also exhibits her art online through online organizations such as Biafarin, HMVC Gallery New York and Arteom Gallery.  



Artist Statement

<<In a world of so much chaos, an escape into the realm of faeries brings peace and glamour into our dimension. Faeries have always held my fascination when I encounter them within our realm. I utilize the magic within my artistic soul to summon these creatures so that anyone can experience their charm and be inspired to believe in what they cannot see.

My work is conjured onto canvas using copious amounts of modeling paste and acrylic paints with multiple layers of various brushstrokes and the use of palette knife techniques. Brilliant colors and metallic hues are used to enable the faeries to emphasize their “vibe”, inspiring the viewer to discover the essence of these beings. The texture of their skin, hair and backgrounds are vital to conveying the elemental qualities of each fae. I am perpetually discovering new ways to bring my faeries to life so they can gaze upon us humans as we admire their portraits.>> (Susan Bagrationoff)


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