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Silke Wolff

Silke Wolff

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About Silke

Silke Wolff, 1965, lives and works as an artist in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

She studied drawing and design at 4 high ranking international universities. She traveled up to half a year to the USA, Yemen, Egypt, Thailand, China and India. Since 1996 she meditates daily and interprets her experiences in her graphics. In 2019 she started her fine art career in Wilhelm Hack Museum. Today more than a dozen international, renowned galleries present silk Pop Art in solo- , group exhibitions and catalogs.

Silke Wolff has been awarded with several certificates and the esteemed art critic and historian Anthony Fawcett wrote a one paged mesmerizing review about her and her fine art.

In conclusion, one encounters her work as distinctly uplifting, each creation pulsating with a genuine feeling of joy and positivity, solidifying her status as a true post-pop artist of the 21st century.


Artist Statement


The pop art fine artist Silke Wolff opens a secret, supernatural universe with her metaphysical graphics. By her widened consciousness, which she has been developing for 20 years of daily meditative practice, she is able to perceive this sphere of existence.

Such unique situations she catches with oil pastel drawings in sketch books. From these ideas for her cycles with series arise, which she creates as digital collages, completed with texts.


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