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Rita Maia E Silva

Rita Maia E Silva

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About Rita

Rita has a brief but profound story in the realm of art; she recently discovered a passion for painting. She is an intuitive and self-taught artist, born in Lisbon, Portugal, and raised in an artistic family. As a music teacher and pianist with a love for poetry and writing, she has already published a book and several short stories. Painting has become her ultimate form of expression in a mature phase of her life, with her painting journey commencing in 2023.

One day, she acquired a beautiful white house, her dream home, adorned with pristine white walls, yet lacking a certain allure. Despite having a talented artist brother who had been painting for decades, she never received a piece of art from him for her white abode. Undeterred, she embarked on a trip to Switzerland, where she visited contemporary and fine arts museums in Lausanne. Upon returning to Lisbon, she experienced an epiphany and began adorning her walls with vibrant colors. Since then, she has continuously delved into self-discovery through her art.

Her professional background in music greatly influences her perception of the world and her interpretation of sound. Just as tone possesses colors, music embodies pure architecture. Imagination, creativity, and the courage to push boundaries without limits drive her artistic endeavors, complemented by rigorous practice, experimentation with techniques and materials, and ongoing development. She embraces a journey of learning, day by day.

Abstract Interconnections | Solo Exhibition

Catalogue | Solo Exhibition


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