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Paolo Cantù Gentili

Paolo Cantù Gentili

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About Paolo

Philosopher and artist. He lives and works in Franciacorta (Bs). He’s founder of the “Disnormalità” group.

Several publications under Precis Art with Lucia La Sorsa and Diego Fusaro, Art Leader by Angelo Crespi and Sandro Serradifalco, Libreria Bocca curated by Simona HeArt, Biennale dei Normanni curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Galleria Margutta with Maida Ricci,  ArtonWorld by Carmela Brunetti, Nebulae with the San Vidal Gallery by Christian Palazzo,  Atlante Arte Contemporanea 2023, Giunti curated by Marta Lock.

Exhibitions: Peschiera Maraglio Montisola (Bs), Adro (Bs), Rovato (Bs), Sarezzo (Bs), Gardone VT (Bs), Rezzato (Bs) , Alzano Lombardo (Bg) , Brescia, Monreale (Pa) , Taranto, Lecce, Milano, Eggdal (Norway).

Exhibitions display: White Space Chelsea New York (USA), SwissArtExpo Zurich (Swiss), Nicoleta Gallery Berlin (Germany), Andakulova Gallery Dubai (United Arab Emirates) , Red Dot Miami Art week (Usa), Casa del Arte Palma (Spain) , Andie Art Athens (Greece).


“My works, my work, my philosophy” (Paolo Cantù Gentili).

Art is knowledge of oneself and of the world, a very particular way of experiencing and seeing reality. In short: do what you are, do what you know.

Visual language is not a mere means of communication but an energetic fact made of sensations. Every work has a cognitive value only if connected with life. Every artistic action derives from sensations that find their root in the unconscious and the unknowable. The process of creation begins in the mind, or rather, in the psyche, a sort of creative hallucination which, when it begins, needs to end.

The paradigm, the model that is thus created meets and clashes with the matter that informs reality. You are unlikely to be satisfied with the result. Today, in the world, something is always missing, we are increasingly liquid, incomplete and dissatisfied but it is precisely this dissatisfaction that leads to research, to creation. Inspiration for Paolo, for what little this term can mean, is contained in ancient and modern myths, in legends, in what is unclear, unexpressed, out of date. In us we find the hope to continue to exist, an ancient hope that comes from afar, mysterious. And as he always says: we are neither normal nor abnormal but dis-normal.


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