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Katerina Louka

Katerina Louka

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About Katerina

Katerina Louka is a contemporary abstract artist from Greece. She studied economics but her love for art turned her in other directions. Her works are the mirror of her soul and her emotional world! All artworks are handmade originals, created at her studio! She mainly uses acrylic colors and mixed media! She likes to add texture and materials like sand, acrylic paste, creating complex textures that reflect the emotional depth of life. By exploring different painting media and skillfully playing with acrylic paints and combined techniques, we come across a voluminousness and which is actually an active part of her inner being.

Her works will be mostly a physical philosophical and psychological approach because the artist is actually a complex subject in the observational sense. Observing her abstractions or abstract compositions, we still have to penetrate into the most beautiful parts of her soul, because an artist is not born just like that. Katerina Louka enters various gallery spaces with her paintings and she wants to offer her painterly soul, a magical narrative that arose as if from sea foam to the audience for enjoyment. In her paintings with very symbolic names, we will discover what psychologically triggers storms in the soul of the artist, and what else explicitly leads to deep inner peace.

The beauty of light and the beauty of darkness alternate in the paintings of this artist, with which she persistently tries to show us her abstract meaning within the compositions she offers us as a gift.

The artist reveals her elegance as primary as well as the desire to reach the necessary peace under the many shades of the canopy of colors with the chosen colors. In the sets of these colors with which the artist asks us to reach a higher meaning, even metaphysically.

Her colors seek to be noticed, loved, shaped so that it is impossible to forget them, because they play with the terms death and eros, dream and strange reality, where the border is almost imperceptible in its beauty and phantasmagoricity.

She has participated in exhibition Art4LOVE /Art Awards at War Museum of Athens in Greece.The awards were held under the auspices of Ministry of Culture. Katerina Louka at the war Museum of Athens received the 2nd Award Mixed Media Artist with the artwork “Leaving Darkness”.

She has participated in many exhibitions at Galleries in Athens. Also Katerina has participated in Vienna at Art exhibition at the Contemplor Galerie Wien, an international exhibition and in Venice at Contemporary Art Exhibition at Scuola Grande San Teodoro.

She has also given an interview at VIMA Newspaper at Vimagazino with the theme “Art is a challenge by definition”.

Through her art she offers her audience a glimpse into her inner world, sharing her personal journey. Her inspirations spark from multiple layers of life .Her paintings relay a mystical transcendental reality that is part of everyday life. Katerina’s paintings capture the diversity of life to fullest extent .From moments of darkness ,despair fear to moments of happiness, joy and love.

“I feel it is my mission as an artist to bring forward special formats ,which act as pathways to the human mind and embodiments of universal emotions”.


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