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Franck Chastanier

Franck Chastanier

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About Franck

At first, With over 15 years of experience in video post-production, Franck Chastanier is a versatile and passionate coach, teacher, and graphic designer. He intervenes regularly as a coach DA at IIM, where he teaches, evaluates, and supports students in various modules of graphic design, advertising campaign, drawing lessons, storyboard, and motion reel, showreel. He also tutors students in alternating work-study programs in creation and design, communication.


Franck Chastanier is also a multidisciplinary artist and mediator, who explores and combines different forms of expression, such as graphic design, metal works, installations, exhibitions, and gardens. He has a diploma in mediation artistic from Inecat, and he designs and facilitates workshops of artistic creation using a pedagogy of artistic mediation. He enjoys sharing his creative process with joy and enthusiasm, and he values collaboration, diversity, and innovation.


2023-2024 - following sketchbook research from 2020 and a life change in 2021, he decided to devote more time to direct expression and original works (paintings, watercolors, etc.) as well as research with generative AIs.


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