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Cristiano Cavedon

Cristiano Cavedon

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About Cristiano

Cristiano Cavedon in art Astracapez was born on 4/2/74 in Thiene (VI) Italy and has always lived in Schio (VI).

Graduated in 1992 at the artistic high school Arturo Martini di Schio with 60/60, he continues the following year with the school of interior furniture of Schio. He interrupted his studies in 94 for military service and subsequently began to work totally changing the sector. In 2000 he resumed painting albeit in a still embryonic way, inspired by the dynamism of Futurism and the decomposition of the figure of Cubism. The production increases and with it gradually delineates the style that, always open to research and evolution, finds its expression in Pollock's action painting and in Vedova's informal giving space and vent to his expressionist and abstract nature. When, in 2021, he arrives at A good stylistic maturation comes the traumatic stop. In December 2021 a stroke blocks him and distorts his life, risking tearing it away from him. Hence a two-year stop due to semi-paralysis on the left side of the body. In the summer of 2023 the transformation! He starts painting and does it with his hand that is not his (it was left-handed!) A true metamorphosis in the body and soul, painting becomes intense and the need to paint the soul and emotions becomes essential (see the manifesto)

From September 2023 a collaboration with ArtBoxy exhibiting at Artweek in Miami in December and exhibiting in their partner galleries including the Nicoleta Gallery (Berlin), the Thomson Gallery (Zurich), the Andakulova Gallery (Dubai). In December 2023 he exhibited at the contemporary art collective at the Shed a Schio(vi) space and other international collaborations and exhibitions for the beginning of 2024.


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