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Carolina Sarkiz
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Carolina Sarkiz

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About Carolina

Carolina Sarkiz is a plastic artist, graphic designer and tattoo artist. Graduate of Design from Rio de Janeiro's Estácio de Sa College. Although for years her work has mostly consisted of graphic design, she never left her dream of working fully as a painter behind. In 2015 she decided to follow her grandmother's steps into the path of a dedicated painter and was able to create a special and personal form of creating art. The artist that used to watch her grandmother paint with marvel and great admiration as a kid has brought along those feelings and her love for painting though-out her life and has been a professional painter for 7 years now.

Carolina seeks to show her reflections about life through her paintings, always leaving interpretation open to the public. Her art is spontaneous as it is not bound to limits, strokes or forms. The feminine, the purity of animals and personal experiences have great representation in her art.

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