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Empowering Artists, Inspiring Creativity


Who we are?

Arteom Gallery is a virtual and innovative reality which represents the new way of promoting all the artists and exposing their artworks on a global scale, by using cutting-edge 3D technology, ensuring international art exhibitions, art magazines, art catalogues, professional reviews and much more on the most influential social media channels. After a multi-year experience in the art curatorship field, Arteom Gallery has decided to give the opportunity to all the artists to express their art and soul!



Our gallery is more than just a digital space: it's a thriving hub that celebrates the fusion of innovation, imagination, and artistic expression.
Our vision is to revolutionize the art industry by providing a virtual platform that promotes artists and showcases their artworks globally. We create immersive art exhibitions that captivate audiences and provide a unique viewing experience.
By leveraging the power of social media and professional reviews, we aim to elevate artists' profiles and bring their creativity and vitality to the forefront of the art world.

Virtual space


Arteom Gallery focuses its business activities on the following values:


  • Professionalism: we support the artist in each step of the exhibition, from the very initial contacts up to support in his/her expectations with the aim to build long-lasting successful relations based on artists satisfaction.

  • Transparency: we adopt a full transparency method which ensure artists to have all the information they need to evaluate our services, to track our promotional activities and monitor effective visitors to our exhibitions, which is accessible worldwide 24/7.

  • Experience: thanks to a deep knowledge of the history of art, our competence allows us to engage more in the understanding of each artwork, offering the best to our artists.

  • Efficiency: we deliver the best in class quality services to what all artists aim for, including artistic critical reviews, social media promotion, catalogue and certification plus our online exhibitions.

Founder and Art Director

Alessia Perone

Alessia Perone

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sciences of Cultural Heritage and with a Master’s degree in History and Criticism of Art at the University of the Studies in Milan.

Alessia got multi-year experience in working in the Art sector in Milan (Italy), starting as a museum expert guide at the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca and at the GAM (Galleria d’Arte Moderna).

Since 2018, she has dealt with more than 300 artists, providing critical reviews, videos and images creation as well as promotion of their artworks and profiles on social media. 


Since 2021, Alessia has initially created the Arteom Project which now has become Arteom Gallery: thanks to her career experience and through her gallery, she has the aim to bring out all the best from both artists and their artworks with professionalism, respect, hard work, dedication and passion for Art!

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