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Zlatan Woszerow
Zlatan Woszerow

Zlatan Woszerow

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About Zlatan

Zlatan Woszerow is a digital abstract artist. He developed his own technique, in isolation from the applicable rules and principles, combining the real and digital world.

Zlatan creates abstract paintings printed on canvas. Although he is in fact a "digital creator", he approaches digital techniques with reserve, does not want them to overwhelm him and treats them as a tool - a "digital brush". His works have common roots, they grow out of a handful of his acrylic paintings and graphics that have been digitized and then processed using various digital tools.

Their artistic form is constantly evolving, reflecting the development of his personal artistic sensitivity, sense of beauty, understanding of aesthetics and technical skills. He finds inspiration in the very process of creating; the result always surprises him.

Realizing his artistic vision, the artist creates images that reflect his passionate aesthetic search for worlds and beings different from those that surround him - he creates and constantly develop his world of colorful visual abstract fairy tales.

Zlatan's works have been presented at art fairs and exhibitions all over the world: in New York, Canton, Parma, Moscow, Milan, Genoa, Luxembourg. He works with galleries in Italy, Spain, Colombia, the USA, and Poland, where he lives.


ARTEOMAGAZINE N. 1 - December 2022

When did you decide to pursue a career as an artist?

In retrospect, I can see that the broadly understood need to create was in me from birth, it tried to break through to my consciousness at various times and in various "places". She made herself known in everyday life through my sensitivity to various forms of art, and in my professional life through “non-conformism within reason”, which is sometimes described as an innovative approach. For long time this need knocked too weakly on "my door", but I also did not have enough courage to open this door wide.

It could have gone on forever, but quite by accident I created an image in an ipad graphics application that delighted me, and that's how it all started. I started creating like crazy by posting more works on Instagram. In a short time (few month) they found recognition and I started to be invited to galleries and exhibitions all over the world. It helped me realize that maybe I am an artist.

I create out of a discovered need to create, and in that sense it's not a career choice. I do it more out of spiritual necessity than as a means of subsistence. I know it's a comfortable situation, but I don't self-flagellate because of it, but I get satisfaction. I'll probably keep doing this as long as I feel the need to create.

What is your opinion of art's role in society?

Life will not be enough to answer this question, so I will focus on only one thing that is most important to me. I will not talk about the role of the artist, nor about the role of the creation process, but about the result - the product, i.e. sculpture, painting, happening, piece of music, etc.

Statistically speaking, society consists mostly of people whose contact with art is passive, involuntary, and paradoxically, the influence of art on this group is the most interesting and, due to the size of this group, the most important. Speaking about the torment a music lover goes through without access to music is as trivial as about the satisfaction he derives from listening to Bach or Beethoven.

It can be assumed that the group of people I am talking about is indifferent to art, that they can live their lives knowing that art exists somewhere nearby, but they don't care whether it is present or not present in their lives. They will lead their lives according to the usual pattern as their ancestors did, in matters of aesthetics they will experience what is proven and they will be delighted with what their ancestors were delighted with.

But fortunately it is not. "Products" of art are not only present in galleries, museums or concert halls, they themselves or their echo surrounds us everywhere: on the Internet in the design of everyday objects, architecture, billboards, etc.

People who think they don't care about art, or are unconsciously indifferent to whether they want to or not, are confronted with art all the time. And they react to it all the time when something delights them, amazes them, arouses reluctance or when they shrug their shoulders.

Art products, being something new, are something different, different from what we have experienced so far, and this is the power of arousing emotions in people, but also sensitizing them.

Through contact with art, they will start to think differently, they will see more, which does not mean that it will lead to "general happiness", but it will certainly open the paths of inner development, maybe open to new ideas, make them more adaptive to the changing world, but maybe also encourage acceptance of the values conveyed by artists in their art, and history shows that these values are noble and ahead of time. This has happened over the centuries and this is happening now, although for many observers of current life it is imperceptible. I don't know if the world would live to this day without art.

How does your creation process of the artworks start?

I start the process of creation as a result of the appearance of an inner spark of origin I do not understand, so it is completely irrational for me.

I create abstract digital paintings, and the creation process itself consists of combining, mixing digital representations of my photos and selected fragments of my abstract acrylic paintings and the use of digital brushes. Digital technology allows you to create countless "variations on a theme", and my role is to choose one variant from this "countless number" for further processing or to consider it as the final effect. Artistic decisions in this process are made ex-post.

For some time I also started to create classic paintings with a brush and paint. Here the process of creation is reversed, first I make artistic decisions, I choose the composition, colors, texture, etc. , next work and receive the final result. Here, artistic decisions are made ex-ante.

Despite this difference, the artistic trigger is the same in both cases - it's an inner need that makes me give up other things like eating, reading a book or watching TV. It arouses inner anxiety and is stronger than hunger, laziness or experiencing other pleasures. And thank God that that's exactly what's happening.

What do you want your art to convey to the people?

When I'm creating, I never think that way, I don't think about what I want to convey. Rather, sometimes ex-post I wonder what I have created and how it can be received.

In this sense, I think that I convey aesthetic experiences, what I do does not carry much, apart from a purely artistic message. And when it is something new for someone in the aesthetic sense, it can open them to new things, ideas and experiences, and maybe even encourage them to explore and transform themselves. If this happened to at least one recipient of my art, it would be a reason for my great joy.


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