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Wiola Rydz
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Wabnic - Rydz 

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About Wiola

Wiola Wabnic, 1978

How to say what cannot be expressed in words? Where do you find an outlet for the restlessness of your soul when the world around you is on fire? How to feel true freedom?

She has always tried to find answers to these and many other questions and has finally found them in painting. Through painting, she learns every day that what is most perfect is what is imperfect. She finds inspiration in the movement of her hand, the bars of music, and the fleeting moment. Her works of art are canvases that leave enormous room for the viewer's imagination. She rarely gives a title because she believes that a title limits the imagination and that everyone is entitled to their interpretation. Everyone deserves the freedom that comes with interacting with art.

From Cesar Cordova, she has learned that the process of creation is the most important thing, not the final creative act.

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