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Virginie Queva

Virginie Queva

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About Virginie

Born in the North of France in 1974, Virginie started to explore the world imagination of daydreaming since childhood. Between poems and shots of pencils or brushes, she liked to escape where there would be neither cry nor pain; just offer her a gentle stroll with blank pages and madness as luggage light of my soul. Nice therapies that have helped her until today.

A school curriculum and various very different professions allowed Virginie to provide for the needs of her two charming daughters and especially in the nursing assistant profession. But at 48 she dares to nourish herself deeply and she takes the leap into this pot of colors, creations, innovations.

The interest in this little voice which allows her to acquire mastery over for the use of various paints (oil, acrylic, watercolor), support of base: Canson paper, grained, canvas; like walls, doors, slate.

As an autodidact who enjoys transcribing the imagination of her soul, Virginie also likes to play with what life gives us. So the plaster, coffee grounds, foliage, and especially ashes are frequently used in my creations.

The final goal for her to finally put her signature down is that all of her imagination can tell a story to the public while adding this little seed of sweet madness.


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