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Vicky Sarri

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About Vicky

Vicky Sarri was born in Athens in 1982. In 2016, having 15 years in the financial sector, she approaches the visual arts and starts drawing next to the artist Stavros Bonatsos and attending some courses in the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Samples of her work have been presented in Greece and abroad in 19 group exhibitions (2017-2023). Her works are exhibited in public spaces in Athens and in private collections.

She lives and works in Athens.

The selected works are a mixture of work with various media, such as pencil, water-soluble inks and digital painting. From the time of the pandemic until today, my work is mainly about distance. From various things and events, from landscapes, places I've visited, people. I like to observe, remove, and capture a story through my own path in life.

Artworks are exposed to public space and in private collections in Athens.


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