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Veronika Slívová

Veronika Slívová

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About Veronika

“Painting is like dancing on a canvas” (Veronika Slívová).


Born in Prague in 1975, she still lives there and works.

She started painting abstract art in 2019. Studying at the Spiritual Academy has helped her discover what her heart desires- to be a painter. An abstract painter who shows her inner world.

As an emotional painter, she works with the inner world that is reflected in each of us. Her painting is telling a story and convey words that are giving a message. As an emotional creator playing with his thoughts, showing them proudly to the world, she combines visual and mental perception. The image is the total of all sensations, so it remains forever. She wants to merge everything into one. Forever.

Creating intuitively she most enjoyed with a combination of acrylic paint, spatulas and brushes, letting the music and thoughts come together on the canvas, where the unexpected becomes the expected or surprising. Ideas after ideas assemble images like a puzzle. Sometimes the painting is accompanied by poetry or words that have found their own way, this is when the canvas speaks to her. She is a human being, a creator who communicates a message through colors and words. She likes to explore everything in depth, working with inner feelings and looking for answers to questions. The forest is her oasis, here she finds her inner peace. It is where her inspiration awakens, her connection with nature, it is where she finds answers to her questions. Music helps to tune the energies and then she transfers them to the canvas, to be in harmony with her surroundings, to be at peace and content. She usually lets herself be carried away by the music, choosing colors intuitively. 

Meditation music can also connect her to inspiration. She comes here for ideas, thoughts. Here she creates virtual images which are later transferred onto canvases. She is then motivated and driven by various artistic competitions and challenges. She likes to create based on a certain theme that makes her think, to go into the depth of things. To explore her feelings, to create ideas and to connect painting with words. There are no particular goals in painting because they are infinite. There is always something to learn, something to pass on and something to work on. She wants to be able to process thoughts and emotions so that others can see through the colored canvases.

Try to stop for a moment and listen to the colors.

You see colors that speak to you and communicate more than what is on the surface.

Try to see things differently, try to question yourself.

What are your feelings and how do words and images affect you ?

Maybe then you will see the world differently, a world that will make your thoughts dance.


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