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Thanos Karapoulios

Thanos Karapoulios

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About Thanos

Thanos Karapoulios, a native of Larissa, was born in August 1979.

While his formal education led him to pursue Advertising and Marketing in Thessaloniki, his true artistic journey began long before. From the age of 8, Thanos found solace and inspiration in the conservatory, where he immersed himself in the study of classical guitar, music theory, and the rich tapestry of musical history and artistic expression.

During the unprecedented era of the pandemic, photography awakened within Thanos's soul like a dormant seed.

What started as a pastime quickly blossomed into an all-consuming passion.

Drawn to the timeless allure of black and white, he became captivated by the art of landscape photography and the raw authenticity of street and urban scenes. In his artistic pilgrimage, Thanos found guidance from two luminous legacies, each a master in their respective realms.

The first is the legendary Ansel Adams, a maestro behind the lens whose mastery of capturing the essence of nature left an indelible mark on Thanos's artistic vision.

The second is the visionary director Andrei Tarkovski, whose cinematic genius evoked emotions and narratives that deeply resonated within Thanos's creative spirit. With every click of the shutter,

Thanos seeks to weave a visual symphony that harmonizes the ethereal beauty of black and white with the raw emotions pulsing through the veins of his subjects. His photographs serve as a testament to his unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of the world around him, infusing each frame with a sense of timelessness and profound introspection.

Artist Statement

Having a constant engagement and friction with art throughout his life and especially with music, Thanos tries to give in his subjects a strong poetic, lyrical and dramatic mood.

In his photographs he presents simple everyday moments and ordinary landscapes through his own subjective personal look, strongly influenced by the photography of Ansel Adams and the cinematography of Andrei Tarkovsky.

Essentially, his photography is a mix, coming from 3 different arts, from classical romanticism in music, Chopin, Liszt and the dynamic mood of rock and metal music, from the bnw photography of the legend Ansel Adams and from the unique melancholic cinematographic landscapes of the unsurpassed Andrei Tarkovsky.

All these images and music are filtered by his own photographic eye and create his personal visual world.

Especially in landscape photography, in his first complete photographic project, internal landscapes - beyond light he combines and identifies beautiful and melancholic landscapes with deep inner feelings, such as sadness, isolation, despair, loneliness creating a highly dramatic and emotional interaction.

The photographic lens is for him a small window into his mind and soul, through which he captures the way he perceives the external stimuli around him, creating a dramatic and special visual world.




Upcoming Exhibitions 2024

- ’SERENITY', 'Mirrored Serenity Series', MEDINA ART ROMA gallery, Rome, Italy, April 5 - 11, curated by mrs Georgia Trouli.

- ’The Art of Imperfection' DESIGN FESTA gallery, Tokyo, Japan, November 3 - 9, curated by Constantinos Anjulatos.



- ’Transitional landscapes - Vague terrain', Luminous Eye gallery, Athens, Greece, March 17-26, curated by mr Paris Kapralos.

- ’BAZZART SKG', MYRO gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 11-22, curated by mr Paris Kapralos.

- ’BODY LANGUANGE', MYRO gallery, April 27 - May 6, curated by mrs Anastasia Riskina.

- ’ISOLAMENTO v2', MYRO gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, May 11- June 3, curated by mrs Marianna Rossiadou.

- SINOS PROJECT GALLERY, Sifnos island, Greece, July - , curated by Constantinos Anjulatos.

- ’Terra - Gaia', (TERRA MISTICA series) MEDINA ART ROMA gallery, Rome, Italy, July 7 - 13, curated by mrs Georgia Trouli.

- ’DON'T BE SILENT, ARTNUMBER23 gallery, Athens, Greece, October 6 - 12, curated by mrs Anastasia Riskina.

- OPEN ART, (The Art of Imperfection series) ARTNUMBER23 gallery, Athens, Greece, November 3 - 9, curated by Constantinos Anjulatos.


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