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Susi Ricauda Aimonino
Susi Ricauda Aimonino

Susi Ricauda Aimonino

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About Susi

Raised in a small town in the countryside, surrounded by hills and mountains, her whole life and artistic work are strongly influenced by nature and respect for it.

Master of art in weaving and printing techniques, for about 10 years, Susi developed screen printing and the technique of painting on fabric. At the same time, she attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, obtaining the title in scenography and theatrical costume.

Since 1997 you have worked at the Teatro Regio in Turin where you have collaborated on numerous staging projects with directors and set designers. There was no lack of opportunities to work on themed exhibition projects that included scenographic installations or important national events which Susi followed the organization of. You have collaborated with illustration studios and decoration workshops where you have also held courses in artistic techniques. You have designed and created sets, book illustrations, installations.

In her works, Susi uses the most suitable materials and techniques but always with an eye to Nature. Three-dimensional space is often present. The natural element, the various materials (mostly natural) are the foundation of her works. Nature and respect for the environment are fundamental for her life and for her art. Her works are mainly made with natural and / or recycled materials to procure the lowest possible environmental impact.

About Susi:

“... she measures her time also through her art. The way to interpret her life is closely linked to the natural cycle: life flows, inside and outside of us, in a constant relationship with the natural elements (...) that are intertwined with our existence. The weather flows, we with her (...). The cycle is complete and has found its rhythm, its meaning. "


The space, the natural element, the materials are very important in all her works. Whether they are photos or artifacts, Nature is the protagonist. Whether by choice of subject or for the materials used for the realization since these are always with minimal environmental impact (recycled or natural). Susi has participated in collective national and local level.

She is a member of the Turin Fine Arts Promotion Society.

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