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Stephanie Bing

Stephanie Bing

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Bing studied painting in the master class of internationally renowned art professor Klaus Jürgen-Fischer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz and photography in the master class of Professor Dr. Vladimir Spacek from Prague. Born in 1967 in Mannheim, Germany, Stephanie graduated with distinction from high school in Offenburg. Subsequently, she studied fine arts, painting, photography, art history, German, and literature at Johannes Gutenberg University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz, again graduating with distinction.

Following her education, she worked as an associate professor for the Bavarian Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Bavarian Chamber of Architects until 2002.

Stephanie focused on design, architecture, aesthetic perception, and digital media to promote visual literacy.

Since 1991, her work is shown in national and international exhibitions. In 2022 her career pushed up and she won first prize of international Art Award VIBES in Frankfurt. She received the IIA 2022 Award in Photography and Digital Art as Finalist at Camelback Gallery, Arizona, USA, with her stunning photography and became artist of the Month of Camelback Gallery, Arizona USA in October 2022, one of the most popular internationally working Galleries in USA. Then she was winning the first prize of World Wide Galleries ART TOUR with her painting “TRIO INFERNAL” and is touring the world with this awesome inspiring piece of art for a year to the top places international, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Art Basel, Swiss Art Expo. 2022 Stephanie was among the top finalists of the 10th KUNST-ONLINE Prize, Germany - Austria - Switzerland.

Her paintings are meanwhile exhibited in Miami Art Basel Miami, in Venice at Venice International Art Fair 2022, in London at the Contemporary Art Fair 2022. In Palma de Mallorca her art was shown in the Contemporary Art Gallery CASA DEL ARTE, in Amsterdam in Lelij Gallery.

Recently she won the Artrepreneur Still Life Open Call international and Global. New jump in 2023 was winning the Talent Prize Award Art of International Juried Art Competition Art Show International Gallery and Finalist Award Competition “Shades of Blue”, International Juried Visual Arts Competition, Camelback Gallery International Art Gallery, Arizona USA.


Latest Exhibitions:


- 13 February - 07 May 2024: International Art Award-New Generations

- 01 February - 31 March 2024: Bing in Basel Exclusive solo Exposition Stephanie Bing Parcus Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

- 02 - 31 January 2024: Andakulova Gallery Dubai, Group’s exhibition Artboxy, Dubai, United Arab Emirats

- 06 - 12 December 2023, SPECTRUM Art Fair Miami, Red Dot Art Fair Miami Art Basel Weeks, Miami, USA

- 06 - 10 September 2023: SWISSARTEXPO Zeitgenössische Kunstmesse, Art Fair, Zurich, Switzerland

- 26 July – 30 July 2023: London Art Biennale 2023

- 15 June – 18 June 2023: ART Basel, Artboxy Gallery, ARTEXPO Basel, Switzerland

- 01 May- 30 May 2023: groups exhibition NEW TALENTS, Casa del ARTE Gallery, Palma, ARTBOX.PROJECT PALMA 1.0, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

- 17 April - 26 April 2023: NYC ARTEXPO, Manhattan, New York, groups exhibition Broome Street, New York, USA

- 25 March 2023 - 31 May 2023: Solo Exhibition “Amazing Animals” Art Gallery Am Fischerweg 27, Korbach, Germany

- 10 February - 23 February 2023: ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2023 - 6th edition Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

- 13 February 2023: Award Competition „Amazing Animals“, online Exhibition of international Juried Visual Arts Competition, Camelback Art Gallery, Arizona, USA, awarded to Finalist Stephanie Bing

- 02 December 2022 - March 2023: VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022 – 16TH EDITION


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