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Stanislav Valevski

Stanislav Valevski

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About Stanislav

Stanislav Valevski is an emerging artist and graduated in 2020 with a master's degree in fine arts - painting at the Academy of Arts in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. So far he has several student exhibitions in Plovdiv. Also participated with artworks in the Florence Contemporary Gallery - online based contemporary art platform - Catalog Issue 2 - September 2020. 

Participation in an international online group exhibition "Open Minded" at Albe Art gallery 20th november - 25th December, 2020.

His artworks are also featured in the MoCA art magazine.

He has participated in the 2021 "Abstract" annual art competition in the Art Show International online gallery.

An artwork featured in the Artistonish magazine - February edition 2021.

Online representation in the “Azur” gallery in Madrid from the exhibition "Constellations".

Two artworks published in Encyclopedia ART UNIVERSAL by EA Arte club.


Artist’s Statement

Stanislav Valevski’s inclination is in the combination of different genres from the abstract art, but his main focus is between the abstract expressionism of the action and especially minimalism, because when combined together they create one particular contrast between quiet contemplation and aggressive live emotion. 

The characteristic feature in his creativity is in the thin transparent film of oil color which makes one especially elegant gentleness of the chromatic tone, which predisposes the spirit to contemplate, countered with a solid brush strokes of oil color or unconventional medium that creates the feeling of a strong dynamic emotion, but represents only the compositional accent. The main search of emotional effect upon the spectator of art stays the contemplating experience. 


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