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Smita Marathe
Smita Marathe

Smita Marathe

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About Smita

Smita Marathe is an abstract painter from pune. She was born in Dhule in Maharashtra, in 1971. Her journey as an artist was formalized when she completed her G.D. Arts training at Abhinav Kala Maha Vidyalaya-Pashan, Pune. She started her career as a commercial artist in the 1990s.
Painting has always been very close to her heart. It has been an essential part of her life and the best way to express herself and her observations about things, people, their behaviour, and their contrast. She also closely observes the dilemma in which people live and their fight with their feelings. Everyone is blessed with a great gift of experiencing various feelings of love, hope, affection, and attraction which are usually perceived to be pleasant. However, no one has escaped feelings of hatred, confusion, denial, and betrayal, which are usually perceived as unpleasant. People do not prefer to admit and accept these feelings as a part of their life. Everyone has some or other fantasies and attractions, but they are not spoken about merely because of social prejudice. This is what intrigues Smita, and so it remains the focus of her paintings.
She has done many group and solo shows on National level in reputed galleries of Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Khajuraho; and on International level in Florida, US.
She has won multiple awards from women in the arts Orlando public library and her award-winning paintings can be viewed in Google Art & Culture platform, which is one of the great and rare honours. She also had the award recipient from Art plaza Mumbai in Professional Category.
Throughout her career, she has attended many prestigious workshops and she conducts many workshops for art awareness herself as well.

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