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Siena Park
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Siena Park

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About Siena

Born in Korea, lives and works in London.

BA- Oriental Painting, Keimyung University

BA- Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art, UAL  2022

Siena works in painting and installation, presenting a surrealist wonderland.  

Siena strives to create dreamy and joyful images, which incorporate a variety of eastern myths, pop art and modernist ideologies. Trained in oriental painting, she incorporated influences from Korean mythology, Buddhism, and Taoism into her paintings to create a utopia that blends Asian (Minhwa 민화) painting skills and myth with western contemporary philosophical influences. 

She created a fantasy wonderland of open-mindedness where everyone has the freedom to be whoever they want to be without limitation and discrimination in that universe. 

Be water, as she put it. Despite possessing the utter wisdom of the universe, water still maintains a neat structural form—It is not limited to where it may be situated at any given time; it will always strive to be the best, just like the artist herself. 


Selected Group Exhibitions 

- Graduate show,2022, Zari Gallery, London

- Chelsea graduate exhibition,2022, Chelsea College of Art, London

- Utopia of dream, M50 Gallery,2020, Shanghai, China

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