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Sharmila Laghate
Sharmila Laghate

Sharmila Laghate

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About Sharmila

“Life and Color... the two go hand-in-hand and are incomplete without the other; even in grayscale - the tones play instead of color, thereby representing the myriad nature of life itself!”

This is Sharmila’s motto for painting, and inspiration too. 

She loves to draw and paint using varied media. She believes that to create beauty, one must paint with the heart and soul. An avid photographer, she often finds painting inspiration through moments and feelings captured. 

Her style of painting varies from semi-abstract to realistic, and her subjects are often nature-inspired. 

She teaches drawing and painting to art enthusiasts across all age groups and have tutoring experience of 20+ years. She conducts online art classes & workshops too. 

Sharmila has also formed several groups on social media wherein she posts free art resources and lessons for all to enjoy. 

She believes that Art has a universal language and it can be sought by everyone willing to express and explore infinitely. 

Art teaches, infuses, inspires… It is indeed, a bottomless abyss to fill up and at the same time, it's the far-flung heaven above! 



Art Practice:

  • Semi-abstract & Abstract style of work using Acrylics 

  • Realistic style via commissioned work 

  • Experimental painting such as Collage & Mixed Media 

  • Nature-inspired painting: major works 

  • Penchant for graphite & color pencil work 

  • Broadening of skills via Folk Art (regional genre: Kerala Mural Painting & Turkish Ebru) 

  • Art tutoring Online: one-on-one & in groups 

  • Design for Corporate Identity & Personal Signature 

  • Passion for up-cycled art & craft 



  • 2022 December, Dubai: Global Art Show 

  • 2022 March: Online Group Show by Art Beats Foundation on Women’s Day 

  • 2021 March: Virtual Art Show & Blog feature with Vulcan Art Gallery 

  • 2020: Virtual Global Art Festival, via Belgium 

  • 2020: Virtual 3-D Gallery group show ‘Wide Canvas 2020’ 

  • 2019, India: Group show ‘Art Bazaar 3’ 

  • 2019, Dubai: Group show ‘Ramadan’ with ArtSmiley art gallery 

  • 2019 April: World Art Dubai with Uchaan Art Gallery with my paintings ‘Forest Series’ 

  • 2019 March 8th: Group art exhibition by women artists in UAE on Women’s Day 

  • 2014 March, India: Solo show of 100 paintings & 30 photograph limited edition prints 

  • 2009, India: Group art & craft exhibition 

  • 2000 February, India: Group painting exhibition 

  • 1998 Dec: Joint show in India, with 98% sellout of my 50 paintings ‘Floral Series’ 


ARTEOMAGAZINE N. 1 - December 2022

When did you decide to pursue a career as an artist and what do you enjoy the most about your career?

I graduated from art school, with a rigorous 5-yr course in art & design. Despite the design software tools which I later adopted for commercial applications of art, I had decided right from the beginning that I would never retire the paintbrush & self-exploration as an artist.

Art & Design go hand in hand. Art & Life go hand in hand. My art comprises my daily life, when I paint almost everyday. Just as art has brought joy to me, I believe in giving the joy forward. So I teach drawing & painting on a regular basis, and also try to be a part of my local art community projects wherein we collaborate & find newer ways for everyone to engage in artful expression.

Creation of something new everyday & at times the chance of collaborative art, are what I enjoy the most about my career.

How would you describe yourself and your artworks?

I am deeply moved by human nature & expression - so much so that I feel that every human emotion can be assigned a color.

I love colors, but the grayscale also speaks to me of innumerable hues of emotion that show through my works.

My work comprises a semi-abstract rendering style, trying to depict a subject as poetically as possible.

Semi-abstract is a genre of painting, in which the subject remains recognizable although the forms are stylized in a manner derived from abstract art. I have worked extensively using this style, be it my painted flowers or a figurative painting, or my favorite painting muse - Forest or Trees.

I paint using varied media and styles to suit my mood or subject.

How does your creation process of the artworks start? Where do you find inspiration?

My creation process often starts with words & colors of my imagination. My night stand always carries a paper pad & pencil, which I use to scribble down ideas in words or as a thumbnail sketch... as motivation or crazy can strike at any hour!

Nature inspires me endlessly. So do human expressions & relationships.

An avid photographer, I sometimes find inspiration for my painting subjects through the camera lens.


What emotions do you hope the viewers experience when looking at your art?

A feeling of joy, or wonder, or deep curiosity, or just plain happiness... a desire to give me a smile or critique, if I'm there to meet & greet them. These are the emotions that I hope my viewers experience when they look at my art.

I believe that I owe it to the world to give out only happiness through my art.

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