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Rosa Piernas
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Rosa Piernas

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About Rosa

Rosa Maria Piernas Bachelier (nickname: Desert Rose) is a Franco-Spanish artist, from Murcian father (Puerto Lumbreras) and Norman mother. She lives in Murcia, she is 53 years and she is the mother of a beautiful teenager. Rosa considers herself a restless, self-taught and multifaceted person in life. On a professional level, she mixes her personal character with her enthusiastic, innovative and she always abide by respect, ethics and transparency in her work.

About 11 years ago behind the scenes, she began to give freedom to her creativity. She began to discover the world of painting using white tiles that she found through rubble areas. After a few months she began to love it and it helped her much to disconnect from reality and stress.

She left her mind free and everything was reflected in them. Until one day she decided to take it out into the light and show it to the world. In terms of work, Rosa reinvented herself more than 10 years ago and she spends her day to day browsing, creating designs, content and advertising campaigns for companies in marketing digital. She is a lover of the cyber world.

Finished her working day, Rosa retires to create her "poems without words”. She does them with what comes to mind at that moment, just as she is, and alway she gets her to do what she (the colors) want. She uses creative and original pigments, textures and contrasts, with a fresh, lively style, of stroke and free abstract style; special use of color, different accessories where the

Most of the time she uses her hands and fingers, essential for her creations.

In addition to her own designs, she carries out commissions, she has already made some and she is very happy with the results.

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