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Riqka L.

Riqka L.

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About Riqka

Riiqka L. always loved to draw, this passion comes from her father who makes family portraits.

During the summer of 2016, her practice took a different way. On very good advice, she began to draw large imaginary shapes.

In 2017, she obtained her master art degree in Paris la Sorbonne. Today, she continues to explore the form. She promotes an art that wants to be spontaneous and liberating.


Master's Degree Exposition, Lieu, Espace, Réseau, Paris 1 La Sorbonne, 2014-2016

Bachelor's Degree of Plastic Art, Paris 1 La Sorbonne, 2011-2014

Chance is the keyword of Riqka’s artistic practice. Each of her creations is drawn during performative sessions, where the tool is chosen beforehand, but the time, form, and even the sense of exhibition are not premeditated.

At the end of each session, she takes the time to observe and analyze the emotions that inhabited me during my creations.


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