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Rahil Nabati

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About Rahil

Rahil Nabati, a talented painter from Iran, is known for her unique blend of abstract and realism techniques. She began her artistic journey in 2001 and has developed a distinctive style characterized by emotive depth and vibrant use of color. Most of her works are created using oil on canvas, showcasing her mastery of this traditional medium.

In 2023, Nabati earned her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree with a concentration in painting. This formal education provided her with a strong foundation in both traditional and contemporary art practices, enhancing her creative expression and technical skills.

Rahil has participated in several national and international exhibitions, showcasing her work in various prestigious galleries. Her art has been well-received by critics and art enthusiasts alike, reflecting her evolving style and the narratives she explores through her pieces.

Rahil Nabati continues to be inspired by the world around her, using her art to convey complex emotions and ideas.


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