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Rafaela Loncan
Rafaela Loncan

Rafaela Loncan

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About Rafaela

Rafaela is a self-taught mixed media artist born in Brazil, currently based in Toronto. Her art is influenced by Picasso and Gustav Klimt to several contemporary mixed media artists. Emotions, life, feelings and moods are the nerve center of her inspiration. The many layers of life itself inspire her work and become the layers of her art. The freedom of mixed media art has taken her to an artistic world where there is no right or wrong, just endless opportunities to transform and evolve artistically and personally, as we move forward, in saying that, she can affirm that serendipity is her strongest ally to convey her intentions.

Subjects like social inequality, racism, minorities and injustices affect me in a way that transbords into her art. The feminine power and its complexity is also very present in her creations. Through her art, she would like to evoke an emotion in the viewers and invite them to reflect about those subjects that are very present in her daily emotions, making her reflect about humanity.

Among other works, in 2020, she was invited to illustrate a Brazilian children’s book “O Passarinho e a Gaiola Amarela”, currently available in Portuguese at Amazon Kindle. In 2021, participated in the 1st Art Palermo International Biennial. Also in 2022 took part in the Guto Ajayu Culture Art Anthology V 2022 Project.

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