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Priscilla VK
Priscilla VK

Priscilla VK

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About Priscilla

Priscilla VK is a freelance painter living in a small Alsatian village in France. She describes herself as an artist of the imagination because the creatures she paints come out of her imagination.

Her inspirations come from nature, living beings, her experiences, and her emotions. She starts from a starting point but doesn’t represent concretely what she sees. She’s inspired by it and her imagination does the rest.

In 2020, she started an artistic activity as a freelance children's illustrator. She had an online shop where she sold her digital drawings and did custom watercolor commissions for individuals. However, she was missing one important thing: fun!

In April 2022, she felt the need to reconsider. She had to find out what she wanted to draw and paint and above all to take pleasure in creating again! Changing medium and support appeared to her as an obvious choice. Acrylic would be her companion to start this artistic turnaround.

When she finished her first painting, Priscilla V.K. knew that she had found her way! And since then she continues to explore her universe and to experiment. And above all the pleasure of painting has returned!


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