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Pirjo Partanen

Pirjo Partanen

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About Pirjo

Pirjo Partanen, visual artist, born 1947.

She lives and has her studio in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

She has studied arts in University of Lapland and in University of Art and Design in Helsinki. In the 20 years she participated several painting workshops in many countries, mostly in Europe.

Pirjo mostly paints with acrylic on canvas, plexiglass or bamboo paper. During last years she has made installations and environmental art from recycled material as well. Her works can be abstract or figurative. Colors are important to her and are especially emphasized in her abstract works. She is interest in nature and environmental protection is often reflected in her works. She does not paint people, but in her works she studies relationships between people or their relationships to nature and to the world around them. 

Her first solo exhibition Pirjo had in 1995. She has participated joint and group exhibitions since 2002, also abroad (Canada, USA, Germany, Romania and Israel).


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