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Ori Aviram
Ori Aviram

Ori Aviram

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About Ori

Born Jerusalem 1965, lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Color, oil paint, is the main issue in his art. Color as a matter that can be sculpted, shaped, engraved and shoveled. In most of his paintings, color is strong and dominant, while line and composition – though not neglected – are secondary. In addition to canvas, Ori often paints on old books, bibles, art books, monetary notes, account books, comics, etc. He is intrigued by text, print and painting relations. Perhaps because He was a bookworm as a child, He enjoys erasing words with paint. A kind of renewed self-definition.

Being a 20th century product, realism, modernism, and abstract are his points of reference, and the periods that influenced and shaped him. Ori creates from an internal place, but the traditions of art and their history are familiar to him and presence clearly in his background. He believes that art cannot be created in a vacuum.

At first, his paintings were figurative. The bible and mythology were the subjects that interested him the most. Furthermore, he drew from observation. In the past few years, he has become more absorbed in the abstract. Basic forms intrigue him, Ori keeps reverting to them obsessively and never quench. The free play and the relations between shapes and colors are what he relishes. ​He enjoys creating series. They release him from the need to decide What to draw and let him concentrate and work solely on the How. He goes back again and again to a certain form or composition and explore it thoroughly. 

When Ori works, he is always surprised by the gap between intention and outcome, the produce of the matter's own will, objection and point of view. In those precious moments, when the action streams of effortlessly, he feels himself become a mere instrument; he is only a tube, or an insignificant mediator. These are rare moments of exaltation. 



1988-1991 - BA Philosophy and Cinematography, Tel-Aviv University


Solo Exhibitions

2020 - The Day After, Hadmama Gallery, TLV, Curator Ayala Tseitlin

2007 - Paintings, Artist's Studio, Ramat Hasharon

2005 - Paintings, David Bloch School, Tel-Aviv, Curator Tali Guata       

2001 - Paintings, Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator Amalia Arbel

2000 - Libi Lach Lach Libi, Nana Restaurant, TLV, Curator Nana Shraier

2000 - The Third Exhibition, Artist' House, Tel-Aviv

1999 - The Second Exhibition, Artist' House, Tel-Aviv

1999 - The First Exhibition, Artist' House, Tel-Aviv


Group Exhibition

2022- The Holy Art Gallery, London

2022 - Kir Oman, ND Gallery, Ramat Gan, Curator Ronit Rot Hada

2021 - Hacol Al Ha'niyar, Ben Ami Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator Yohanan Harson

2013 - Not Book, Bate Haeer Museum, Tel-Aviv, Curator Guy Morag

2013 - Arim Thomot, Al-Hagader 3, Jaffa, Curator Shunit Gal

2012 - Em Hazarim, Om El Arib, Al-Hagader 2, Jaffa, Curator Shunit Gal

2012 - The Happy Mummy, Museum Of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Curator Mira Hanan Avgar

2011 - Souvenirs, Migdal David Museum, Jerusalem, Curator Michael Kesus Gdaliovich

2007 - H20, Municipal Gallery, Giveatiem, Curator Dr Roni Halperim

2006 - Taarochat Siom Shana, David Bloch School, Tel-Aviv

2005 - Winter Exhibition, Miezag Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator Tali Navon

1994 - Teachers' Exhibition, Photography Department, Bezalel Academy Of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Curator Dudo Mezach

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