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Why choose Arteom Gallery for your artistic journey?

We are so delighted to offer these services to all the artists:

  • Global Exposure: your artworks will be showcased to social media to an international audience, giving you the opportunity to make an impact on a global scale.

  • Interactive Exhibitions: our cutting-edge 3D virtual gallery technology ensures that visitors can explore your creations in an immersive and interactive environment, enhancing the engagement and appreciation of your art.

  • Curatorial Services: we offer a comprehensive and professional experience to artists looking for to present their works within a stimulating and well-crafted artistic context. We provide a range of dedicated services aimed at maximizing the impact of your artworks and ensuring a significant presence within our virtual art gallery.

    • Selection and Assessment: we will work closely with the artist in selecting the most representative and impactful artworks. Moreover, we will help the artist in establishing the right price, striking a balance between artistic value and the market.

    • Critical Artistic and Professional Review: it will be included in our digital catalogue, adding a layer of context and depth to the artist's works, enhancing the experience for viewers.

    • Certificate of Participation: we recognize the value of the artist's contribution and dedication to art. Every participating artist will receive an official Certificate, attesting the presence and role within the exhibitions curated by us.

  • Personalized Artist Profile: you will have a dedicated artist profile where you can share your story, inspiration, and portfolio. This profile acts as a digital portfolio that's accessible to collectors, enthusiasts, and fellow artists.

  • Promotion and Support: we actively promotes featured artists through our social media channels, newsletters, and art networks, ensuring that your work gains the recognition it deserves.

  • Sales and Opportunities: beyond exposure, we facilitate art sales and connections with potential buyers, creating opportunities for you to monetize your works.

Other services that we will offer in the near future will be:

  • ArteoMagazine: after the success of the ArteoMagazine N. 1 (December 2022) and N. 2 (March 2023), we want to emphasize once again the pulsating heart of contemporary art through our magazine. Each issue is a window into an extraordinary creative world, featuring in-depth artist interviews, diving into the lives and visions of the artists beyond their works. ​

  • ArteoMasterpieces: a great printed Art Catalogue, a haven of extraordinary and thought-provoking artworks, browsing through a curated collection of abstract paintings, expressive portraits, enchanting landscapes, and much more. Every artwork is meticulously documented, with details about the technique, dimensions, and a specific critical review. Our catalog offers the opportunity to explore the world of art in all its beauty and complexity, to discover and connect with masterpieces that captivate and inspire.

  • ArteoMeet: we are thrilled to present our exciting Art Contest, open to artists worldwide who wish to share their creativity and compete for prizes and recognition. This is your chance to showcase your talent and let your artistic voice shine. Upload your boldest and most inspired works to be voted directly from our website. With categories embracing a wide range of artistic disciplines, from digital to traditional, from figurative to abstract, our Artistic Competition celebrates the diversity of art and provides unparalleled opportunities to expand your visibility and impact within the global artistic community.


Through our Services, we offer you the opportunity to showcase your art within a stimulating and professional context, gaining recognition and visibility on our platform. Our mission is to promote exceptional artists and artworks, contributing to growing the artist's presence worldwide. We want to create a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to celebrate art in all its forms!

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