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Myriam Azoulay-Naim
Myriam Azoulay-Naim

Myriam Azoulay-Naim

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About Myriam

«All the intelligence in the world can do nothing, art is above all a matter of emotion».  (Carole Fives, Térébenthine).


After a long period without painting, painting as a means of expression came to Myriam as an evidence, and all the emotions buried and repressed for years now resurface on her canvases. She no longer uses brushes, but knives, rollers, a trowel, a pie server, a kitchen knife and her fingers, because she loves to feel the material ! She works in thick layers, always creating relief. When she starts a canvas, she never knows in advance what she’s going to do. First she applies a first color, then she spreads it out, slowly, as if soaking up an atmosphere. She then creates a face-to-face relationship between the canvas and herself that she adores. A kind of communion...

Myriam takes pictures at each stage in the making of a painting, to take a step back, and she thinks about it every second of the day, often dreaming about it at night...

And then comes that moment of grace when she feels inhabited by an intense and powerful emotion, and it's her fingers that guide her. She doesn’t think about what she’s going to do, but she passionately expresses a very deep feeling inside herself. She often says that when she paints, she makes a vertiginous descent into the depths of her soul.

Art becomes interesting when it's driven by emotion, by passion, and not by reflection. It's also why she attaches such importance to the title she chooses for each painting. She can spend hours looking for the one that best reflects what she wants to express.

And it's only then that she feels satisfied with her work : she finally feels that her paintings are and reveal a part of her, and it's with great joy that she wishes to share them with an ever-wider public.


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