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Mira Sharidy

Mira Sharidy

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About Mira

Mira Sharidy is a Hungarian artist with painter ancestors; she has created artworks since her childhood. Her abstract and surreal paintings have a subtle fluster, so the viewer’s perception fills with emotions. 

Mira's specialty is to paint while listening to music and letting the melodies guide her hand. The waves of music create colors on the canvas, and emotions appear in shapes, lines, and shades. 

Her paintings are inspired by Salvador Dalí, her dreams, and demanding music.


Group exhibitions:

1988: Family exhibition, Munich, Germany

2006: Belvarosi Aukcioshaz, Budapest, Hungary

2009: International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Faenza, Italy

2009: 15th International Exhibition of Visual Arts, Vendas Novas, Portugal

2010: Artists for Freedom, Lennestadt, Germany

2010: Rathaus Bensberg, Germany

2023: Summer Art Fair at VirtualArtists


Solo exhibitions:

2010: Cinema Vorosmarty, Budapest, Hungary

2011: Busacca Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2013: Forest exhibition, Godollo, Hungary


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