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Michael Surber

Michael Surber

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About Michael

Michael W. Surber is an award winning Ohio based artist known for his paintings and murals.  From a young age, He has always had a desire for art. Michael graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design. Michael is also member of the Dayton Society of Artist in Ohio. 

His work has been in The Edward A Dixon Art gallery in Dayton, Ohio, Influx Gallery in Notting Hill, London, The Holy Art Gallery in Athens, Greece, Tapiial Virtual Art Gallery in Santiago, Chile, The Holy Art Gallery Amsterdam, The Holy Art Gallery Brussels, Boomer Art Gallery London where his work was curated by Anthony Fawcett, The Holy Art Gallery Paris, France, The Holy Art Gallery Paros Islands, Greece, Contemporary Art Collectors, Barcelona, Spain, The Fringe Coffee Shop in Hamilton, Ohio, Artistonish Magazine in Vancouver, Canada, and Goddess Art Magazine in Germany. 

His paintings have been sold all across the world including United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. Michael’s artwork has been described by collectors and curators as poetic, essential, experimental, primal, and storytelling. A curator from Milan, Italy even went so far compare his technique and creative process “similar to Master Picasso”. He is also known for painting 30 murals in 60 days at a school in Ohio. Michael currently has an art store on Etsy where you can purchase his paintings as well as other creations of his.


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