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Michael Banifatov

Michael Banifatov

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About Michael

Michael Banifatov, visual artist, photographer. Holds a degree in management. Musician. Explores fine arts and digital technologies. Michael's photography works is based on a personal approach that combines documentary and conceptual practices. His photographs have been presented at exhibitions in Rome, London, Sao Paulo, Glasgow, Tbilisi, Paris, Trieste.

Michael says that about his photography: “I think my works are quite surreal. It may not seem so at

first glance, but I am attracted to the very beginning of the process, when reality only begins to go

out from itself. I want to capture this moment. I use various distortion techniques in my work. It's very similar to working with sound. You twist the knobs and hear different things. The sound transforms and your perception becomes different. With the image the same. Sometimes I show very limited space. The whole world converges at one point, and this point becomes the whole world for you. This world will again converge at one point for someone. This process is endless. I like this exchange.”


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