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Maya Beck
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Maya Beck

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About Maya

Maya Beck ventured into the art world at the end of 2019. 

Her extraordinary works have a high recognition value, the expressive images stand out from the crowd and were specifically called unique. 

In the beginning, she preferred digital finger painting on her iPhone and iPad, where she created distinctive faces. That's how her art career took off. Since then, she has continued to evolve.  Today she loves to paint with watercolor and acrylic on paper or on canvas. She often paints with her fingers or gives her works an extra finish from the tube. These decorations are so unique that her works look really special, almost magical, and invite the viewer to dream. The faces of her characters have large, closed (dreamy) eyes with long eyelashes which reflects femininity. 

She loves erotic representation, based partly on inspiration but mostly on her imagination. She likes to experiment and reinvent herself again and again.  Thus, her art does not remain boring, but one feels a high intensity of her passion. 

Her works have been exhibited in: 

Milan, Ferrara, Florence, Palermo, Genova, Rome, New York, Zurich.


"My work should show the joy of life and are full of love!" (Maya Beck)


ARTEOMAGAZINE N. 1 - December 2022

When did you decide to pursue a career as an artist? What do you enjoy the most about your career? 

I rediscovered my love for art in 2019. Drawing has been with me since childhood. I enjoy expressing feelings without words. 


What is your motivation behind your works? 

People and current events motivate me to draw or paint my feelings. In this way, I work on everything that moves me or excites me emotionally. 


How does your creation process of the artworks start? Where do you find inspiration? 

I don't plan my work in advance. Now and then I have visions of what I want to realize, but mostly I paint what I feel at the moment. No two days are the same. There are good ones and bad ones sometimes you are a bit more reflective. 


What do you want your art to convey to the people?

I want to please people with what I do,  inspire them and make them take life easy. I often paint cheeky pictures with oversized tongues. I hope many people can smile about that. Life is much too short to take it too seriously. 


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