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Masha Pozdneacov

Masha Pozdneacov

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About Masha

Montreal artist, Masha Pozdneacov, started her art journey long before she graduated from Surikov Art Institute in Moscow and participated in her first art exhibition. It started with a love of drawing as a child and blossomed into an appreciation for the creative process of art. After years of abstaining from the canvas, she found herself in the depths of life's darkest moments. In the midst of despair, art emerged as an unexpected savior, offering a transformative escape. Rediscovering the brush and palette became a beacon of light, guiding her through the shadows and reigniting the profound connection between the emotions and the strokes of paint. In the act of creation, Masha found solace, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose, proving that even in the bleakest times, art has the power to illuminate our paths with hope and self-discovery.

Masha loves to experiment with different mediums and techniques to create unique pieces that speak to her soul. All of her artwork is an expression of herself which is characterized by its bold abstraction and the unique blend of emotions that it conveys. Masha’s artworks are both captivating and unique, utilizing a range of techniques she keeps her work style fresh and exciting. Her deep love of dark art is evident in every piece she creates. 

As Masha says: “I strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with each new endeavor. I am an artist who believes that creating art is about capturing a moment in time. My art is a reflection of my emotions and feelings. I love to create artwork that captures the beauty in chaos and intricacy of life. Every canvas I create is an opportunity to channel my emotions, something truly unique and personal.”


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