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Mariola Wroblewski

Mariola Wroblewski

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About Mariola

“I don't like to tell too much about myself. I prefer that my pictures tell stories” (Mariola Wroblewski).


Mariola studied Scientific Information, so she is more involved with science professionally than with art. She has always moved as a child in an atmosphere of art, the scent of colors and design. Only now, when she is on Mallorca, she really starts to paint intensely. Influences from Polish, German, Spanish and Arabic culture can be felt in her art works. 

Between different cultures, between different light sources in Dubai, Düsseldorf or Mallorca, thousands of images have tumbled in her head and now she is trying to bring them all onto the canvas. Acrylic pouring with fluid gold or leaf of gold is currently her favorite. 

Her works fully represent her, because they capture her feelings and emotions. Mariola will try to create relationship between her works and people who observe her visual work. This knowledge should touch psyche and hearts. 


Latest Exhibitions and activities

- Arteom Gallery Exhibition Broaden the Horizon 22.03-05.04.2024 with displaying on Times Square in New York and on ArtSteps website

- Anasaea the immersive 3d Art Platform for Artist, Galleries and Collectors: permanent online Exhibition DNA and shop 

- Finalist Certificate in 62 Artavita contest for the Artist of the Year, January 2024 

- Finalist Certificate for online Art contest Artavita for ARTEXPO New York 4-7.April 2024 

- Artist of the Year Award by Circle Foundation, Artistic Excellence Award in all fine Art categories 

- Effetto Arte Fondazione: Los Angeles Art Show-Special Art Market 14-18.02.2024 

- Participation certificate for Artavita World Wide Art EXPO New York 2024 from Circle Foundation 

- 13.04.2024 V. International Prize Leonardo da Vinci in National Museum of science and Technology, Milan, Italy on behalf of The Effetto Arte Foundation 

- Cinema Show in March curated by The Holy Art Gallery and Art Space Innovation in New York Stuart Cinema Brooklyn and Times Square 

- World Art Guide 2023: silver Artist 

- Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 with certificate of artistic merit 


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