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Mareshah Yisrael

Mareshah Yisrael

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About Mareshah

Mareshah Yisrael, Mixed Media Artist and New York City Native, is best known for her unique play on shapes, angles and colors.

A recent career in teaching children overseas, gave Yisrael a chance to bring art and play together. Using geometrical shapes and color at random, viewers are able to interpret her work in their own unique way.

Yisrael’s works have been shown in galleries and festivals in the United States and abroad. Most recently, she participated in the International Contemporary art Exhibition, which was shown in both Italy and Spain.


ARTEOMAGAZINE N. 1 - December 2022

When did you decide to pursue a career as an artist? 

While I have always known that life would inevitably take me on the career path of being an artist, 2022 is when everything came into fruition and fell into place.


How would you describe yourself and your artwork?

I would describe myself as one who has a free spirit and my artwork as intuitive, based on the various downloads that I receive.


What is your motivation behind your works and where do you find inspiration?

My motivation and inspiration comes from within. I enjoy exploring, experimenting and experiencing life.  

What do you want your art to convey to the people?

I would like for my art to be conveyed as a self reflective mirror for one's own imagination.


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