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Luana Stebule
Luana Stebule

Luana Stebule

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About Luana

From 2013 Luana has been living and creating in the United Kingdom. About 35 years she was working as an artist. She created 11 stage’s projects for the theatrical performances, 7 murals paintings, together with 24 solo and 44 shared exhibitions in Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland. Also, England, Canada, and United States.

She was born in Lithuania, in 1962. In A. Martinaitis Art School and Acadeher of Art. she was taught art techniques, styles, and the finer aspects of painting. However, she thinks, what is the most important in the creation process spirituality, uniquity and power come from the unified fields of consciousness, unconsciousness and eternity.

Each time her inspirations come in different ways; from outside the world: travels, books, nature, music, art and from inside; sensibility, intuition, meditations.

In the creative process she uses different medias: oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, mixed media; oil pastels, acrylic, watercolors on paper and collages. For many years her favorite technique was collages. She uses wood, mirrors, textile, leather sawdust, photos, She am to achieve richness and dexterity of the surface. With these materials she creates the main structure of the artwork and at the end she paints with oil colors. The picture physical body juxtapose and suffuse each part and veritably form a jazz of the visual performance.

Between 2014 - 2019 she was inspired by the rare type of orchids and the houses in the shape of shoes and created about 50 oil paintings. In order to achieve a specific expression and to show the inner and the spirit of the object, she stylizes, reshapes forms of the nature by simplifying. Also, she is aiming at the resemblance. She is observing the nature and objects and transferring into artworks by signs. The majority her artworks are multi-layered, some paintings combine versatility and minimalism. She likes to integrate calm tones with contrasting saturated hues. She very often comes back to her older paintings and work on nuances and nicety. She has the same attitude as Leonardo da Vincshe “Art is never finished only abandoned”.

Only in 2018, when she participated, in Art Expo New York, she created her website in English language and became more visible to the art world around the globe.

Since 2018 she has received several recognitions. In 2019 by the International Art Market Magazine, she was awarded to be on the Gold List as one of the Top Artists of Today. In 2020 in Florence, she was awarded with the 3rd International Leonardo Da Vincshe Prize and at the end of the year awarded with the New York City Prize. Her artworks included into the Art Anthologies “Important World Artists 2020” and “International Contemporary Masters 2021" the publisher is “Artavita” US. Also, a few of her paintings selected into art books “The Great Masters of Contemporary Art 2020” and “Best 2021 Modern and Contemporary Artists”. Also, in 2021 She was awarded “Dante Alighiershe International Prize”. In June 2022 In New York, she was awarded with the ATIM'S Top 60 Masters Award and in July she was awarded with the ATIM’S Collectors Choice Award. In July her artworks selected and published in the Art Anthology V. Madrid Edition, curated by Guto Ajayu Culture. Curated by the World of Art Magazine her paintings was selected into the book “La Biennale dshe Venezia 2022”.

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