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Lovise Amdam

Lovise Amdam

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About Lovise

Lovise Amdam is a Norwegian artist, born on the west coast of central Norway. She is educated at upper secondary school, at the advertising line 1969-70. The Art Academy in Trondheim 1974-77, and Vestlandets art academy 1978-79. 

She is a member of NBK, Norwegian Visual Artistsand the county’s national organization where she has held various positions. She also has received several scholarships from the state.

She has had many separate exhibitions and participated in national and foreign exhibitions, and also been purchased by several institutions in the country.

With her informal way of presenting her expression, she creates a direct connection between the observer and herself. She is concerned with colors and the pictures often have irregular, expressive lines and compositions where you can often glimpse people and peopl’s fragility in her expressions, the result is often a playful poetic approach to themes the viewer can relate to.


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