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Lis Engel
Lis Engel

Lis Engel

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About Lis

Lis Engel’s art is about deep experience of life honoring the sacredness of all life. 

Her inspiration comes from her life growing up on the Danish Island Bornholm close to the sea and enjoying the very varied nature on Bornholm and now living in Northern Sealand close to the Louisiana Art Museum life experience, walking and meditating on everything that she experiences as significant. Her main interest is nature but music, poetry, literature, movements and sacred texts. Lis has studied art history and philosophy at the University of Copenhagen she has been  especially interested in medieval, modern and contemporary art techniques and styles. Her art is sometimes described as moving freely between the symbolic, playful, poetic, fantastic, expressive and purely abstract. Most of her work can be seen as either abstract or imaginary or fantastic. These two aspects of art is for her a way of investigating the figurative, the symbolic, the poetic and the abstract, searching ways to communicate experiences of aliveness, beauty and the sublime.

She has been painting and drawing all my life. Besides she has a scientific education from the university of Copenhagen and a PhD and worked as an associate professor at the university of Copenhagen in body-mind arts and sciences until 2011. And she has studied art in New York, Seattle, Paris, London, Rome, Firenze  and of course Denmark.

Lis Engel has been working with art since she was 12 years old where she had her first exhibition of oil paintings at The island Bornholm, where she is born. She now works as an international artist exhibiting in censured and free art events all over the  world.

Latest Exhibitions: Florence Biennale 2019, Biennale de Arte Barcelona 2019, Guest artist in the international art event Mad about Naples 2020-2021.

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