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Lincoln Howard

Lincoln Howard

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About Lincoln

Lincoln was born in Vancouver B.C. Canada, on February 23, 1970.

He is a self-taught intuitive artist. He has learned his style and process through trial and error. He created a couple of unique techniques that he likes to use in my paintings. He usually incorporates a grid pattern in his art. The grid represents the matrix of our lives. The many twists, turns and the millions of decisions we make that shape our lives. He also have created a paste he likes to use to give his art more depth and texture. He began painting in 2017 after his wife and him took a painting class at their local recreation center. He caught the painting bug and haven’t stopped painting since then. He was immediately drawn to abstraction, sculpture and mixed media. His goal is to push the boundaries of abstraction, always striving to create interesting and unique images.  He likes to incorporate objects into the painting like glass or found objects. He likes to create a thick sculptural texture. He refers to his work as sculptural painting. A few of his art heroes include Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Jean Michelle Basquiat, Gerhard Richter, and Hilma af Klint.  He is an intuitive artist.  He will have a basic idea of composition when he starts, but then the painting usually goes in a different direction as it evolves. He lets his intuition the paint and imagination guide me through the process. At the end of the painting, he sometimes wonders “how did I do that?”.

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