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Kseniya Redina
Kseniya Redina

Kseniya Redina

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About Kseniya

Kseniya Redina was born in Russia in Vyatka (now the Kirov region).  This region is known for its colorful handmade clay toys from Dymkovo village - Dymkovskaya toys. Kseniya's mother, a piano teacher and a creative person at the same time, noticed her daughter's ability to draw early and took her to an art school at the age of 6. The teacher of Kseniya at Art school is known for embroidering pictures and colouring toys. Kseniya was especially good at graphics at school. 

Kseniya is also a creative and versatile person as her mother. One time she was fond of photography and attended photography courses to learn making and editing of photographs. She is still interested in graphic design and create digital art.  Herewith, the idea is to combine digital art and painting. 

In her artworks, Kseniya uses modern art techniques such as liquid acrylic, gold leaf and structural painting. Kseniya depicts what is happening around her and what surrounds her as she feel it and see it. In the painting Khokhloma, artist touched upon the topic of a person's self-identification in emigration. Such terms as virus, Covid, DNA, molecular, etc. are our new reality and it is in artwork called DNA. Artists thoughts and emotions about what happened on 02/24/2022 are reflected in the painting "Good and Evil". The early morning that day was announced by the howl of a siren. And the colors faded. Good and Evil hung in the sky. The blackbird brought the seal. The white bird of goodness takes off. It's raining. Tears of sorrow flow. Mini series of four paintings called Diffusio is about the reflection of light from all rough surfaces, due to which the color of objects is visible. Taking diffuse reflection as a basis, Kseniya depicted the leaves of trees in different states in the sun and conveyed this phenomenon in bright autumn colors. In another mini-series "Time and Life", the artist explores these two inseparable concepts and the person in it, depicting an hourglass as a symbol of the transience and at the same time the transience and cyclicity of life and time, which goes on as usual, measuring the life of a person and dividing it on black and white stripes, at different moments of life, reflected in the mirror as in eternity or floating in the universe.

Kseniya's artworks convey state and mood with the help of structure and color combinations. Artist is sure that art is for people. So she opened a store to share beauty.

Education: School of the Art, Russia, Studio Art 1995


Selected Group Exhibition:

2022 - Art Cave Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2022 - Helvet Art Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

2022 - Capital Culture House Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021 - Context Art Gallery, Treviso, Italy

2021 - Contemporary Art Fair, Forli, Italy


Current Representation: Context Art Gallery, Treviso, Italy


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