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Kenjiro Asaki

Kenjiro Asaki

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About Kenjiro

Kenjiro Asaki / Progressive Art Photographer 

He was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. Self-taught in photography, he became a test photographer for Panasonic compact cameras in 2008, and began freelancing the following year. 

He mainly captures fantastic underwater landscapes and dangerous landscapes lurking in the snowy mountains in winter with his unique sensibility. He believes in expressing his work through one-shot photography without relying on compositing, as he values his feelings for the scene and composition when he release the shutter of each image. In fields other than natural landscapes, he pursues a variety of expressions of fireworks, a traditional Japanese culture. 

Kenjiro Asaki has received numerous awards and accolades in photo contests in Japan, Europe, and other countries. In 2023, he was selected to represent Japan in the Nature category of the World Photographic Cup, a world competition in the professional photography industry. 

In recent years, his works have been exhibited in Germany, Italy, England, Spain, and other European countries, and have been increasingly published in art catalogs. 


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