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Juan González Iglesias

Juan González Iglesias

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About Juan

At age 29, Juan experimented a spiritual enlightenment. From that moment, he quit his job on advertising and he followed the light where it leaded him. Besides, from that very day he just couldn’t stop painting, as a deep need. 

He reached enlightenment following the light he saw in pop culture, movies, video games, trends, music, comics, etc. So he thought that could be a good approach for younger generations to the Trascendental Fact. Religions are so outdated and full of pointless rituals. He reached the Light of God so sooner than others that spend their whole life going to church, for example. Is not about the shapes, is about the light. You have to see the light, shapes don’t matter. 

So he used his artwork as a guide for others. Coded in those artworks there’s the path to reach the point of enlightenment. It’s mixed with a pop style to be familiar with the current young taste. It’s like a healing pill inside a donut. 

Those who are, deep inside, looking for an exit from the ego realm can see something that clicks inside them in this artwork. It points towards an ethereal realm where shapes fade. He reached that point of conclusion in November 2022 and now he’s trying to show the path to others. 


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