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Joel Lukombo

Joel Lukombo

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About Joel

Born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. From a young age, he was very determined by letting himself be carried away by drawing. His parents were dazzled by his talent, they will direct him towards the institute of fine arts (I.B.A). After his humanities in plastic arts, painting option, he continued his higher studies in the same visual arts major at the Kinshasa Academy of Fine Arts, from where he obtained his graduate diploma (bac+3).

In his journey of learning the profession, he will have to come into contact with numerous artists in order to further perfect their abilities and acquire lots of experience and knowledge. Such as the painter Henry Kalama, the painter Mars Muaka, the painter Jean Claude Lofenia and then the artist Tsham Muteng.

He was all ears to advice and motivation coming from these fathers and colleagues artists after this laudable career and this critical spirit, he decided to launch in professional life by creating your own workshop. In 2020, together with these colleagues will create a collective of young Congolese artists called “MPIKO Collective”.

It has a theme full of resources and inspiration to witness its era and to encourage all those who lose hope that sooner or later the vital daily difficulties, life will smile on you in one way or another others; you just have to keep hope, be enduring, continue to persevere and have self-esteem given to decent work.

To illustrate this approach, he uses a mixed technique by painting with pen and oil or acrylic paint on canvas.


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