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Joanna Kucia

Joanna Kucia

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About Joanna

Joanna Kucia is recognized as a contemporary collage artist, renowned for her innovative approach, which utilizes both analogue and digital mediums to create surreal masterpieces.  Hailing from Poland and now rooted in the vibrant art scene of the UK. From her early years, Joanna found solace and expression in the boundless world of creativity, shaping her into the visionary artist she is today.

Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joanna's dedication to her art hit new heights. While being stuck at home initially seemed tough, it turned out to be a turning point that propelled her artistic journey in a fresh direction. Even though she had experienced various phases in her art exploration, it was this global situation that triggered a significant change. This challenging time wasn't just a hurdle; it served as a spark that fueled her motivation and clarified her artistic goals. Surprisingly, the period of being at home provided her with something valuable—extra time. In the quiet moments of solitude, she not only found a break but also a boost of encouragement. It strengthened her determination, not just to navigate the difficulties but to thrive in her adventurous artistic pursuit.

The college emerged as her chosen artistic form, transcending the mere act of cutting and pasting. Instead, it unfolds as a profound process of collecting, seeking, and discovering the perfect materials, akin to an artistic resurrection. As a result, her creations bear the imprints of rebirth and revival. Joanna employs architecture to create surreal portraits and everyday scenes, blurring the lines between reality and dreams. Vintage photographs and delicate floral motifs adorn her pieces, infusing them with nostalgia and dreamlike quality. Her approach is meticulous, as each piece begins as a conceived vision in her mind, culminating in a meticulously designed creation. A distinct aspect of Joanna’s artistry is her preference for soft, muted colours, casting her compositions in a soothing and tranquil ambience. However, her artistic journey is dynamic, continually evolving to embrace more vibrant palettes, reflecting the evolving nature of her creative exploration.

Joanna’s wellspring of inspiration is eclectic and captivating. Books, music, fragments of conversations, and admiration for other artists contribute admirably to the intricate narratives of her creations. These diverse influences infuse her art with a dreamlike quality that beckons the viewer to embark on profound journeys within themselves. Joanna’s works are authentic reflections, delving deep into the profound interplay between dreams and reality.

Her remarkable artwork has garnered acclaim on an international scale, featured in esteemed publications such as Photographize Magazine, Artist Today and Tomorrow, Contemporary Celebrity Masters and exhibitions spanning The United States, France, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and even the virtual world of the Metaverse. She has received numerous awards such as WAA Woman’s Award 2023, Stars of Art and Market 2023, Art Diamond Museum Artist and more.


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